Dec 142011

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Unless, it is not smoke at all. Maybe it is just fog. And fog means water, which squelches fire.

None of that, of course, answers the question of the day: Is Nick Saban destined to become the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys?

A few guys down at the Central Freight Lines terminal in Dallas confirm that Saban has, in fact, been told by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to name his price. My friend John here in Mobile, Alabama (where I have been working for the past six months and counting) says it just ain’t so.

To be fair, the boys down on the docks are Cowboys fans; John, on the other hand, bleeds crimson.

Who is right?

Who knows?

I don’t and I doubt whether you do. So, let’s consider the reasons why and why not and try to reach a consensus, shall we?

Nick Saban WILL BE the next Cowboys coach because…

  • Jerry Jones has only won Super Bowls with former NCAA champion coaches. And he is the only owner that can say that. Jimmy Johnson became the first coach in history to win both an NCAA national championship and a Lombardi trophy. Barry Switzer became the last. So far.
  • Jerry Jones is to the NFL what P.T. Barnum was to the circus. He is the ultimate showman. He loves the spotlight and he loves to make the big splash. Hiring Saban would do that.
  • Jerry Jones is sitting on a billion-dollar time bomb. The eighteenth wonder of the world, or whatever number it is, known as Cowboys Stadium is an investment unlike any the former wildcatter has ever made. The main thing Jones can do to put butts in those seats is field a championship-contending team. Another thing he can try is create a firestorm and stir interest with a controversial move like this. Whether it works or not, Jones will have the attention of the planet.

Nick Saban WILL NEVER coach the Dallas Cowboys because…

  • He has been there and done that and by all reports was extremely unhappy in the NFL, where the demands of a head coach are of a quite different nature than those on a college coach. You cannot field a winner by just slick-talking your way into fielding a vastly superior football team. All NFL teams are supremely talented and today’s professional athlete does not always respond well to control freak coaches.
  • Jerry Jones saw what happened in Miami. That franchise has still not completely recovered from the Saban trainwreck.
  • Drew Brees. Saban could have signed him as a free agent. Instead, he traded a second round draft pick for Daunte Culpepper.
  • Alabama. Saban is revered in the state that measures every coach against the ghost of Bear Bryant. Why would Saban leave sainthood to return to the only place he has ever been demonized in his coaching career– the NFL?
  • Jerry Jones is an egomaniac. Nick Saban has his own sizable ego. Both men are control freaks. Jones is haunted by the unhappy marriage and very nasty divorce with Jimmy Johnson. He will not put himself in that position again…

Unless, of course, he feels he has no choice.

I am sure there are other factors to consider. Like money. I doubt, however, that the Crimson Tide will be outbid, even by Jerry Jones. Besides, this will not come down to just money. Saban has plenty of that and there is plenty more where that came from.

It will come down to ego.

Is Saban destined to coach the Dallas Cowboys?

I think not.

Jason Garrett is Jerry’s guy. He has all the tools: intelligence, leadership qualities, football acumen. He also understands as well as anyone can possibly understand how to coexist with Jerry’s Cowboys Stadium-sized ego.

Nick Saban will never be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Unless, of course, the team collapses under Garrett.

Does anyone have a BC powder?

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