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The Dallas Cowboys needed a defensive savior a year ago when Sean Lee went down with a season-ending injury and Demarcus Ware went the way of free agency.

Rolando McClain needed a savior, too.

The Cowboys needed to be saved from what many feared would be the worst defensive unit in team history, and the worst in the NFL. McClain needed to be saved from himself.

So, they rescued one another. The Cowboys gave up very little to get the rights to McClain. They offered him this one last chance to fulfill the incredible potential and promise his college career and his raw football skills predicted. McClain, despite being so often spotted wheezing on the sideline due to being out of football shape, rewarded the Cowboys by recording 108 tackles, a sack, and two interceptions in just 12 games.

The legitimate concern among Cowboys fans after McClain’s sometimes eye-popping play was that the former Alabama great’s performance on the field would mean the price of re-signing him would be too steep. Instead, there was little to no interest in the guy on the open free agent market. That was puzzling at first, but…

Now, we know why. As King Solomon so aptly put it in Proverbs 26:11, “As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his foolishness.”

It is one thing to do a foolish thing. It is another to be a fool. This fool, with so much still to prove, so much still to achieve, so much money still to be earned, simply could not deny himself. McClain faces a four-game suspension to start 2015 for violation of the substance abuse rules.

The Cowboys should just go ahead and let him have all 16 games off. Cut him loose.

Sean Lee is back. Anthony Hitchens is better than anyone had the right to imagine he would be. Holes have been filled. Pieces have been added. The Cowboys defense is no longer in a state of desperation. The time is right for the Cowboys to move on from McClain.

As much as I enjoyed watching him take over games at times, as much promise as he had, as much hope as he provided, some are so bent on self-destruction that no amount of second, third, fourth chances will change their minds.

I believe in longsuffering and second chances. I also believe one bad apple can have an ill effect on the whole bunch. The Cowboys have already made a commitment, albeit a small one, to reclamation project Greg Hardy.

One fool at a time, please. Watch your head and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.



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