Dec 282012

2012 is almost in the books.

For the Dallas Cowboys, the tale of this football year has yet to be told. But for Silver and BlueBlood (SBB), the books are all but closed. And, thanks to our faithful readers, Facebook friends and Twitter followers, it was far and away the best year yet, as I will demonstrate with the following snippet taken from the admin page of the site:

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As you can see, we almost tripled our site visitors from 2011 to 2012. By far, the most popular story of 2012 was the “I’m in Hell” Terrell Owens story, which was picked up by Fox Sports via Yardbarker. This is the 47th article of the year. Not bad.

As we continue to grow the SBB brand, I want to acknowledge her faithful readers. You have not only been faithful consumers; you have been our best advertisement. Your Tweets and re-Tweets, Facebook likes and shares,  and timely article comments have helped to promote SBB around the globe. Just take a look at this map snippet of readers from just the past week:

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What would make 2012 our best year yet, you ask?

A win for your Dallas Cowboys this weekend. For the third time in 2008, the Cowboys are playing for the NFC East title at the end of the season. First, in ’08, it was the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Your Boys for the title. The Eagles humiliated the Cowboys, 44–6. Last season, it was Ya Boys v. NYG. That one didn’t end well, either. Giants, 31 and Cowboys, 14.

Now, it is the Redskins’ turn. Will the Redskins complete the trilogy of NFC foes to beat the Cowboys to the NFC East championship punch? Will the Cowboys watch each of their nemeses claim the title at their expense?

Or, will this year be different? Will the longsuffering Cowboys fans be rewarded with a chance to cheer for their team beyond the 16th game?

I say yes.

I say, despite a decimated defense, this Cowboys team that has shown true grit will grind out a win in the hostile badlands of DC, defeat the surging Redskins, and make (what has become) a rare postseason appearance.

A banner year all around.

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