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For the second consecutive week, your Dallas Cowboys were on Sunday Night Football. Guess who was there?

Observations from Section 317:

~ I’m really wondering who Alfred Morris ticked off? I’m a fan of the work McFadden did last night but I thought Morris had done a nice job for us this season.

A big deposit in the Salvation Army account

~ Zeke Elliott got the Salvation Army more media attention last night since the time Terrell Owens dropped a touchdown ball in the bucket several years ago! My favorite Garrett quote from the post-game press conference: “You can jump into the stands in Green Bay but you can’t jump into a Salvation Army bucket in Dallas” (well, technically, Arlington but I’ll let it slide, Coach). It should be noted here that the special teams had Zeke’s back too since they covered for the 15-yard penalty on the ensuing kickoff.

~ Dear Jerry: The next time you don’t have a sponsor for the rally towels for a big game in our house, let me know. I can hook you up with some of my promotional products friends and they’ll take care of you. There should NEVER be a home game without our rally towels.

~ One of my favorite plays of the game: the Winston head-butt on Justin Durant in the 2nd quarter (15-year penalty). Stupid play on his part that worked out very well for us.

General Lee the Leader of men and tackles made

~ Brad Sham & Babe Laufenberg (radio broadcast last night) agreed to start saying, “Tackle made. Period. If it’s anyone but Lee making the tackle, we’ll let you know.” Tongue in cheek, of course, but it seems like a good idea since Lee is having a career year (2nd place in the NFL!).

~ Speaking of NFL leaders, our favorite #21 broke our single-season franchise record for rookie rushing touchdowns last night (13). Other notable records that were broken last night: Dak surpassed Don Meredith’s franchise record for QB rushing touchdowns (6) and this generation’s Mr. Cowboy (Witten) flew by Terrell Owens on the all-time receptions list in the 2nd quarter.

~ Is Bailey hurt? I’m kidding but it’s really weird (even from 50+) to see him miss kicks.

There’s no “I” in “Team…but there is one in W-I-N…

~ This really was a cliche’ “team win” but the defensive player of the game had to be David Irving. He left it all on the field and headed straight for the locker room for an IV after the game — I LIKE that! On the offensive side of the ball, you could argue for Zeke or the O Line but, with all the “noise” from the last couple of weeks, the honor has to go to Dak for not listening to said noise (we ALL know he HEARD it) and doing his thing in spite of it. Dak is back & we’re all happy.

~ I like the kid, I really do but, seriously, are you as nervous as I am every time Lucky Whitehead touches the ball?

~ This is my 8th year to attend games at this Stadium. I’ve never been as thankful for The Roof and those beautiful “doors” at each end of our Stadium as I was last night. The weather outside was, indeed, frightful — evidenced by the fact that I’ve never seen that much open space where we normally see tailgaters stacked on top of each other.

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