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Dateline Jubilee Park, Dallas, Texas – On Friday, April 25th, and Saturday, April 26th, Nissan engaged former NFL greats and Heisman winners Roger Staubach, Ricky Williams, George Rogers, Herschel Walker, Tim Brown, and Billy Sims in an effort to make a real difference in the lives of under-served kids and one Dallas family.

The official press release on the two-day, two-pronged event follows:

As part of Nissan’s ongoing collaboration with Habitat for Humanity and the Heisman Trophy Trust, legendary Heisman Trophy winners will join a Dallas Area Habitat construction crew to build a real “Heisman House.” In addition, led by Dallas Cowboy great Roger Staubach, the legendary sports icons will help lead a youth football clinic in conjunction with the Heisman Trust and United Way, running drills and engaging nearly 150 youth in an underserved area of southeast Dallas.

Nissan invited SilverandBlueBlood.com to cover the events. Unfortunately, previous engagements precluded our participation on Saturday. We did, however, attend the youth football clinic at Jubilee Park in Dallas on Friday. Roger Staubach (1963 Heisman winner), Ricky Williams (1998), and George Rogers (1980) were the Heisman winners featured at the clinic. It was remarkable to see these football greats from the past reach across the generations to impact the lives of kids who may or may not have ever heard their names before that day. These men were genuine in their enthusiasm, fully engaged, and determined to connect with the kids they were there to encourage, instruct, and enlighten.

Nissan turns Heisman House commercials into community-impacting outreach

NFL fans will remember the series of Heisman House Nissan commercials that have run over the past few seasons. My personal favorite featured my two favorite running backs of all time – Tony Dorsett and Earl Campbell…

It is easy to go to the default view of corporations as cold, calculating, cutthroat, and cash-hungry. It is easy to forget that corporations, when you break them down, are comprised of flesh-and-blood men and women, many of whom are warm, generous, caring, and determined to use their position and/or prosperity to make a positive impact.

It’s not always about the money. Sometimes, it is about the mojo. It is about the magic of seeing the light in another’s eyes when you set aside some of yourself for others.

Exclusive interviews to follow: Stand by!

Ricky Williams Interview 1Over the next three days, we will be sharing exclusive interviews with Heisman greats Roger Staubach, George Rogers, and Ricky Williams.

  • How does Roger feel about Johnny Football? Would he want the Cowboys to draft him, if he is available?
  • What does George Rogers think about Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys?
  • What does Ricky Williams consider his greatest achievement on the football field.

The answers to those questions and more run the gamut from intriguing to explosive. They may surprise you, encourageyou, anger you…maybe even baffle you.

And we got them, audio included, right here… Just for you.



Our thanks to Sarah Redman of the Zocalo Group, Josh Clifton of Nissan North America, Nissan Corp., Heisman Trust, Habitat for Humanity, and United Way for access to these wonderful events.


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