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Mike JenkinsI have an idea for Jerry Jones. In future contract negotiations, put in an extra incentive for the player NOT to make YouTube videos (hello, Marty B) or write a blog. More often than not, no good comes from it.

Mike Jenkins recently announced via his blog that he was the starting cornerback coming into training camp and it was his job to lose:

Heading into training camp I’m the starter at right cornerback, and my job is to maintain that position. I’m back in Florida training at IMG to get my body right, get my head right, be mentally ready heading into the season.

Now, that may be a fact. Perhaps the coaches have told the young player, “Mike, it’s your job to lose.” Sharing that information on his blog like he did, however, smacks of poor taste at best and braggadocio at worse. It is hard to imagine how such a declaration contributes anything positive to the health of the team in general or to his relationship with other candidates for the position, like Orlando Scandrick.

What’s more, Jenkins opened the door to media scrutiny and criticism. And he got it. It came so fast and furious that the novice blogger/aspiring starting cornerback found himself issuing a clarification a couple days later. He wrote:

Because of all the talk that’s been going on about my last blog, let me say this: I don’t think the starting job is mine because of the round and pick I was drafted, and I don’t think it’s going to be given to me because there’s favoritism.

That’s not my way.

I’m far from my peak, I have not played or showed any comparison to what I did at South Florida and a lot of fans, writers, coaches don’t know that. Me and Orlando are two totally different players. You can’t coach me the same way you coach him. Just like Nnamdi and Asante Samuel, we have two totally different styles.

So for closure, I’m coming into camp with a chip on my shoulder and I think the job will be mine because of the confidence I have in myself and not because of anything else! Everyone is trying to make this a big issue when this is just a needle in a haystack. The big picture is to win our games no matter who the starter is and make the playoffs.

Point blank, period.

Never mind his poor communication skills and ignorance concerning the meaning of certain idioms (e.g., “needle in a haystack”) and the common use of prepositional phrases (“for closure” versus “in closing”), Jenkins should shut down his blog today because nothing good can really come of it.

It can, however, lead to plenty of headaches and distractions.

Mike Jenkins was not hired to be a “celebrity blogger.” He was hired to play football, to make a significant contribution to the success of a team. He would do well to focus on that responsibility and leave the speculation, conjecture, and declarations to those whose jobs depend on such things…or those who cannot think of anything better to do (like me).

The best advice someone could give young Mikey right now? Something like this:

“Hey, kid! Shut up and play. There will be plenty of time to blab and blog and blow your own horn when your career is done. It goes faster than you think.”

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