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Brew Brees Super Bowl XLIV MVP

Who Dat Quarterback!

It took the New Orleans Saints organization 21 years just to post their first winning season. It was 33 years before they won a playoff game. Consequently, Super Bowl XLIV is the ultimate rags–to–riches tale in NFL lore. (Or, perhaps we should say bags–to–riches, since this is the team whose fans once wore bags over their heads and called them the ‘Aints.)

You would expect some memorable communications to come out of such a seminal moment in NFL history, and that is just what happened. Being the consummate investigative reporter, I was able to intercept some key text messages being sent before, during and after Sunday’s big game. Here are the ten best…

Number Ten

Tom Benson to San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro: “Looks like I won’t be needing that contingency plan after all. We’re staying put.”

Number Nine

Peyton Manning to his father Archie Manning, the Saints’ legendary quarterback and color analyst, after throwing the pick six to basically end the game: “You’re welcome.”

Number Eight

The wheels-off, derelict-looking Pete Townsend to the Devil: “Hey, man! We had a deal!”

Number Seven

Coordinating Producer for CBS Sports Steve Karasik to James Brown: “WTF did Sharpe just say? It’s unintelligible.”

Number Six

Shannon Sharpe to his speech therapist: “I demand a refund! I swear I am getting worse, dude. I can’t even understand me any more.”

Number Five

George W. Bush to Katie Couric: “You never looked at me the way you looked at President Obama today. Drool much? LOL.”

Number Four

Eli Manning to Peyton Manning, right after big brother threw that interception: “Hey Bro! Who has dumb face now? LOL.”

Number Three

Sean Peyton to Jim Caldwell right after the onside kick to lead off the second half: “You been punked, rookie.”

Number Two

Carrie Underwood to former boyfriend Tony Romo: “Told you I would make it to the Super Bowl before you did. LOL.”

Number One

Drew Brees to Phillip Rivers, as Drew was receiving the MVP award for Super Bowl XLIV: “Who dat quarterback?”

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