Aug 242015


Cowboys fans suffered through another miserable night of preseason football, exacerbated by the fact that their team played like Ned in the first grade reader. Not that it matters. Not that anyone on earth cares. The only thing that matters is seeing a small handful of unknowns in a “game” situation and escaping said “game” unscathed in the injury department.

Cowboys hall of fame and three-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Troy Aikman took to Twitter to express his own dismay (disgust?) with the NFL’s insistence on putting teams, coaches, and fans through FOUR meaningless preseason games.

Aikman, tired of the charades, intimated (without saying it overtly) that preseason football is not about getting a team “ready” for the season. It’s about GREED.

It sure isn’t about the fans, is it, Troy?

It isn’t about player evaluation, either, is it, Troy?

The NFL knows they have a product that America is hooked on. They are our sports Crack. They can roll any ridiculous product onto the field, make up stories about what it all means and how important it is and we will suffer through any indignity, any boredom just for a taste, a snort of football, until we can get the real thing.

Thanks, Troy, for telling it like it is.


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