Nov 252016

Observations from Section 317

~ I’m glad the television crowd was able to see/hear Freddie Jones play our Anthem as he does before every home game. For me, that’s the way it should be done. He plays it straight & simple so that 90,000-ish of my closest friends can sing along with him vs. listening to some soloist’s vocal calisthenics (reference Detroit Lions national anthem!) that can’t be followed.

~ This team is having fun. Of course, winning is always fun but these guys are really taking it to the next level. I have always tried to get to my seat before the team comes out for warm-ups but, this year, I make SURE I’m there to see all the pre-game interactions. My favorite from yesterday? The camera followed Prescott, right before the game started, as he ran up the entire sideline, high-fiving, fist bumping, rear-end slapping every player, trainer, water boy, coach.

~ “Listen to this crowd!” I heard Brad Sham say this several times during the game. I don’t know if it translated to the television broadcast but we (yep, I did my part!) were making noise & waving our towels through the whole game. We’ve been criticized, in the past, for not being “into the game” but I assure you that wasn’t the case yesterday — and hasn’t been the case this year.

~ Dear opponents, I’m not sure it’s in your best interest to mock our RB’s “feed me” gesture. You just look silly.

~ It’s hard to brag on this defense when you see those big chunks of yardage falling into the bad guys’ hands BUT they still step up and cause field goal attempts vs. allowing touchdowns. These guys have heart and deserve some credit for this W.

Special Teams was special

tomhateswashington~ Special Teams, led by Dan Bailey, Chris Jones and our onside kickoff recoveries, was a huge part of the W. It’s nice to know that if we can get anywhere near the 30-yard line (short of a turnover, of course), we’re going to score points. Bailey is just that good.

~ Terrance Williams’ TD catch reminded me of his big catch against Seattle (IN Seattle) a couple of years ago. I think it was his only catch yesterday but it was a big one — a HUGE one!

~ Two things about our Thanksgiving Halftime: 1) I think the best part of our big Salvation Army/Thanksgiving Halftime show is watching those guys put that HUGE stage with all the special effects together in 5 minutes flat. Incredible. 2) I didn’t know a single song that Eric Church sang during that mini-concert but I prefer ANY country artist over Pitbull (a previous Thanksgiving halftime performer)!

WWE: Norm vs Dez

~ There was a cheap shot from Norman on Dez late in the game. Knowing that Dez has had his injury issues, I was fuming mad (as was Dez!) when they replayed Norman twisting Bryant’s ankle intentionally after the tackle. I anticipate the national media making a story out of Bryant’s post-game confrontation with Norman and they’ll be wrong. He deserves credit for keeping his cool during the game and not letting Norman get in his head but Norman crossed the line on that play AND I think the officials dropped the ball by not throwing a flag on it. Go back & watch it — you’ll see!

~ I’m running out of words for Dak Prescott but, then again, I don’t know that words are necessary when you watch the kid out there, making things happen. It’s really exciting to think about the future with #4 at the helm — with that amazing O-line in front of him.

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