Jun 012013

stephen a smith

The big Cowboys’ story of the week is that someone at Blogging the Boys website took video images from Jerry Jones’ war room interviews during the NFL draft and reconstructed the Cowboys’ draft board.

In Stephen A Smith’s peanut head, the real story is that he wants to interview Jerry.

Somehow, the geniuses at the worldwide leader in sports have paired the two most overrated, over-talking, under-talented nobs in the sports talk business. Stephen A and his partner in crime Skip Bayless are endlessly giving opinions no one—and I am convinced that includes themselves—takes seriously.

Now Smith is thumping his chest and challenging Jerry Jones, owner of one of the three most profitable sports franchises in the world, to talk to him? Give me a break. Jones, to his credit, never dodges the press. He takes the hard questions from actual sports commentators on a regular basis. This is the man that sat down with the coach he famously fired, after that coach became a sports commentator.

Dallas is to the NFL what New York is to everything else. It is the kitchen. The heat is always on the Dallas Cowboys owner, coach and quarterback. While other cities have writers wearing cheer skirts and waving pom poms, the Dallas media can be harshly critical and eternally unforgiving. Jones may give answers that make you wonder if he is the inspiration for Michael Scott, the goofy boss on The Office. But he gives answers. He does interviews. And he has thick skin. Even his harshest critics know that Jones is more fair with them than they often are with him. Take Dale Hansen, for instance. Hansen is DFW’s godfather of sports anchors. He is one of those bigger-than-life personalities that can often seem bigger than the story he is doing. (At least in his own mind.) Hansen has been one of the most vocal critics of Jones the GM.

That is just a small sample of how Jones is treated in Dallas, particularly by Hansen.

Still, back in 2007, when Hansen’s criticism of Jones was at a fever pitch, Hansen’s father fell ill. Mr. Hansen the elder received a get well letter…from Jerry Jones.

Randy Galloway is another longtime DFW sports personality and icon. He is also another harsh Jones critic. But Galloway will be thre first to tell you that Jerry Jones can take it and still be gracious.

There are interns in Dallas more talented and formidable in interview situations than Stephen A Smith. If Jones does not sit down with the talentless loudmouth it has nothing to do with fear of hard-hitting questions.

Get over yourself, dude.


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